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Collection of services that help remove the fog of war across the world map to bring your game to the international market.

Game Localization

A targeted translation service that ensures the resulting game is appropriate for the target country. Our goal is for the players in the target country not to notice that the game has been translated, instead, have them experience the game as if it is written in their native language.  Our network of translators are all hand-picked gamers that have a great understanding of gaming industry terminologies. While translators from traditional Language Service Providers (LSP) might not understand terms such as MOBA, Elo, or Frag; our team can localize these terms with accuracy and ease.


A creative reinterpretation of a specific text. Our transcreation service retains the spirit of the original text, while infusing it with the creative writing and nuanced flair of the new language. This service is ideal for text that is rich in meaning or lore, which could easily lose its essence during translation. Some examples that would greatly benefit from our transcreation service include character names, item descriptions, in-game poems, song lyrics, rhymes and riddles,  game titles, game slogans, or any cultural references.


You never know what issues your game might run into when different languages are implemented. We will help you catch those pesky linguistic related bugs that you might not be able to find without a specialist. Our LQA team will look out for different issues related to each particular language, whether they are display or linguistic, to ensure that the players with the localized version can experience the game in all its glory.


Services designed to understand the player, the game, and ensure that communication is differentiated in market. 


Develop the strategic core in bringing the game to market. Delve into understanding the player base that the game is being designed for, and turn behavioral insights of the target group into actionable communication, creative, and launch strategies to maximize player adoption. The outcome, ensuring that your game is differentiated and unique to players.

Market Research

The gaming industry is vast and there are many options for players to choose. How do you know where and how to position your game when the market is always evolving and new games are being released? This service dives into gaming industry and consumer behavior trends. Where we help uncover industry insights and identify how they apply to your unique project.

Creative Communication

Market research and strategy are the foundation in developing communications for players about your game. Is it an RPG, a platformer, or maybe even a FPS? Each game type is different and each player group is unique in how they respond. This service leverages both aspects to develop the communication guidelines for your new game in social media and advertising. The end result: a creative brief for all communication projects moving forward.


Creative execution services, delivering video, social, display, and other creative needs.

Digital Video Production/Editing

Need impactful highlight videos announcing your game, or gameplay videos that showcase key gaming features? We can produce and execute all types of video requests to help show off your game to players everywhere.

Social Media Posts/Ads

Social media is the key to getting players talking about your game. But what is the content that you should be posting? What is the topic you should be communicating? We're here to help get you started with your community management, your posts, and any social ads that you need to execute.


Maybe your game is being featured at a convention, or maybe you want some cool merch for players to grab up. Our talented team of designers are here to help create the unique look for your posters, t-shirts, mugs, badges and whatever else you need.

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