Who we are, why we care, and why we exist.

With more than 20 years of experience in the marketing and gaming industry, we know just what you need.

Moxu Projects was founded by two gung-ho gamers. They have years of accumulated hours behind games on PC, Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation platforms - so they understand what it means to be a gamer. 

From idea to reality, the game your passion is driving is almost ready for others to see. We can help open the world and get your game in the hands of the right groups of players.

The services we provide are not made with cookie cutters - they are hand crafted to your needs. We believe in the game you're creating and the adventure you want players to embrace. But as your story progresses, the dialogue, humor, and other factors may have different meanings in different parts of the world. 

We are here to help make sure the game you developed and the adventure and story you intend to tell is indeed communicated correctly worldwide. 

Our localization, marketing and creative services are your legendary cloak to remove the fog of war from the map and buff you to help achieve your objectives.

Our Company

To enable, inspire, and support developers in their efforts to bring exciting gaming experiences to players.


To provide developers tailored marketing, localization and creative service tools needed to bring their unique game experience, story, and dream to life.


Work as hard as we play

Work as one team

Inspire through passion

Trust and honesty through transparency

Have fun

Our History

William and Chris met years ago through an MMO. Willliam was "Kraze" and Chris, "Vhem." The two sparked a quick friendship through gameplay, enjoying the experience of questing, dueling, and pvp play. 

After countless late night gaming sessions, gameplay conversations moved to real world topics. That's when William and Chris decided to take their passion for gaming and adventure, and apply their professional backgrounds to found Moxu Projects - a marketing, localization and creative services agency for games in development.
William "Kraze" Wang, CEO & Co-Founder
William is an experienced translator that has worked in the gaming industry for many years. He has been involved in the localization process of many Triple A games that have been published by well know publishers such as EA, Square Enix, and Valve. William has built a great reputation with localization teams and freelancers during his career. With his keen eye for gaming and understanding developer needs, William is energized to bring his passion and work ethic to help developers with Moxu Projects.

Chris "Vhem" Hunt, CMO & Co-Founder
Chris is a jack-of-all-trades. Beginning his career in video production and graphic design working for boutique production companies in NYC. He has spent the last 10 plus years in the advertising industry working for large Fortune 500 brand - Intel, Nike, Air Wick, Hershey to name a few - bringing their story, products and strategies to life. A passionate and devoted gamer, Chris has played years of hours of Zelda, WoW, League of Legends, CoD, PUBG and many other titles. He is excited to bring passion, professionalism, and partnership to developers with Moxu Projects.

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William Wang

CEO / Co-Founder

Chris Hunt

CMO / Co-Founder

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